How European fake Jews were able to establish the state of Israel 

It was the island of Britain that declared (in what is known as the Balfour Declaration) in 1917 that it would work for the establishment of a Jewish National Homeland in Palestine. Britain proceeded just two years later to liberate the Holy Land from gentile (Muslim) rule. This occurred in 1917 when the British General, Allenby, lead an army to victory over the Turkish army that defended Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Where the old crusades, waged by an ostensibly Christian Europe, had failed, the new crusade, waged by a godless Europe, succeeded. Both the efforts to liberate Jerusalem and the Holy Land were European. Both were crusades. In fact General Allenby himself confirmed this in his memorable declaration that he made when he entered Jerusalem as a conquerer: “Today the crusades have ended”. And so it is clear that the effort to liberate the Holy Land had nothing to do with religion. It had everything to do with that strange new actor on the stage of the world, i.e. Europe!Britain then assumed control over the Holy Land as the Mandate Power under the cover of the League of Nations and proceeded to pursue the goal of establishing that Jewish National Homeland.
 If Europe’s embrace of Christianity was something strange, then Europe’s embrace of Judaism was stranger still. It was sometime in the seventh century, perhaps, that the Khazer tribes of Eastern Europe embraced Judaism. When they became Jews they did so for essentially political reasons. Faith had no part to play in their conversion. Even before they converted to Judaism the Euro-Khazers were recognized to possess some mysterious power that permitted them to successfully and effectively block the advance of Islam into Europe.

Like Euro-Christians, so too Euro-Jews differed significantly from the Israelite Jews. Unlike Israelite Jews, Euro-Jews were obsessed about controlling over the Holy Land. It was Euro-Jews who eventually established the Zionist Movement and pursued the same goal that Euro-Christians had pursued in the Crusades, i.e., the goal of liberating the Holy Land. Why this strange Euro-Jewish obsession with the Holy Land?

Britain assisted the Zionist Movement in effecting the ‘return’ of the Jews to the Holy Land, something finally accomplished after the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. When Britain, the midwife, delivered the baby ‘Israel’, the world witnessed what appeared to be the restoration of ancient Israel which had been destroyed by Allah Most High more than 2000 years previously. 
After Britain had ruled the world for a few hundred years a strange and mysterious change occurred in which a new superpower became the ruler of the world (The United States of America). The clear evidence of that change was present in the First World War when US military intervention saved Britain from defeat. It was even more evident in the Second World War when an American General, Eisenhower, was chosen as Supreme Commander of all Allied troops that fought in the Second World War…

Then in 1944, at Bretton Woods in Upstate New York, an international conference was convened to establish a new inter-national monetary system. The British Sterling pound that was universally recognized as the key currency in the world of artificial paper money was displaced at Breton Woods by the US dollar. Similarly, London was displaced by Washington as the center of the new international monetary system…

The new superpower strangely and mysteriously emerged out of the same European civilization that had first fought the Crusades in an obsession with Jerusalem, and had played the leading role in the establishment of a Jewish National Homeland in the Holy Land. The new superpower continued where the old one left off in maintaining a strange and intimate relation with the Holy Land and the State of Israel. Thus when the State of Israel was declared to be independent in 1948, the first country in the world to recognize the Jewish State was the United States of America.

If the European and American obsession with the Holy Land has been strange, the future appears to hold even stranger things in store. Our view is that the world is about to witness the emergence of the European State of Israel (i.e., an Israel which was created by the Euro-Zionist Movement) as the super-power that would replace Britain and USA as the dominant power in the world. Euro-Israel already possesses enough nuclear and thermo-nuclear weapons to be ranked as a superpower. Its military technology is at par with the best in the world. Finally, Euro-Jewish financiers and bankers have it within their power to assume financial control of the world through the simple maneuver of causing the collapse of the US dollar. When the US dollar goes down it would bring down the entire world of paper money with it. This may be planned to synchronize with a spectacular Euro-Israeli display of military power in an attack on the Palestinians as well as neighboring Arab States. Israel will then successfully defy the rest of the world in holding on to the fruits of its war and, in doing so, establish itself as the ruling power in the world. 


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