Where is Today’s ‘war on Islam’ headed ?

        Today’s war on Islam would constantly intensify until an evil messianic Israeli political economic financial and, of course, military dictatorship is eventually imposed upon the whole world. But Israel must first wage a big war or wars. That war could involve a US/ Indian attack on Pakistan’s nuclear plants simultaneous with an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear installations. It is possible that nuclear weapons would be used in those attacks. When big wars succeed in eliminating all such obstacles, a universal dictatorship would then be successfully imposed upon all of mankind. (I.e mankind would be ruled by Dajjal—The Antichrist from Jerusalem with his army, the  Jews since they would believe he is the true messiah)


 At that time, the world would witness such oppression that Muslims would eventually have to follow the same strategy of strategic withdrawal from the path of the evil Gog and Magog storm while retreating to places like the remote countryside. The blessed Prophet Muhammadﷺ  anticipated the advent of precisely such a time and advised as follows:

Narrated Abū Sa’īd Al-Khudri: Allah’s Messenger said, “There will come a time when the best property of a Muslim will be sheep which he will take to the tops of mountains and the places of rainfall so as to flee with his religion from trials and afflictions (i.e. Fitan).”

(Sahīh Bukhāri)

It is only in such remote communities that freedom would exist in which young Muslims can be nurtured into men and women with backbones made of iron and steel. Only such Muslims would continuously resist oppression. Only they would refuse to submit to and make peace with an evil messianic Israeli dictatorship that continues to oppress innocent believers and to hold on to the blood-stained fruits of its oppression in the Holy Land in particular.

Any religion or ideology with a claim to truth must be capable of explaining the reality of such amazing events as the now- emerging universal political, economic, financial and military dictatorship over all of mankind. This dictatorship is clearly connected to a mysterious role that the State of Israel is playing in the world. Failure to explain such events would render claims to truth to be at least doubtful. This is so because these unfolding signs increasingly threaten to confirm an outcome in the rivalry between religions, ideologies and sects. We argue that these events ought to be recognized as ‘Signs of the Last Hour’.


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