We Are living in the age of Dajjaal (The Antichrist)

There is a mountain of evidence (discernible by those who see with two eyes—internal & external vision) that we are still living in the age of Dajjal, the False Messiah. Such, for example, are the following: 

  • The philosophical Shirk (blasphemy) in modern-day materialism which has fulfilled the prophesy of Prophet Muhammadﷺ who declared of Dajjal that he would attempt to deceive mankind into worshipping him rather than Allah, Most High. The very heart of the attack of materialism emerged from the island of Britain. The Hadith of the companion Tamim Dari in Sahih Muslim clearly indicated that when Dajjal was released he would be in an island and it would be from that island that he would launch his attack on mankind and on the Jews. We have came to the conclusion that the island could not have been any other than Britain.
  • The philosophical Shirk (blasphemy) of the modern western epistemology that denies the validity of ‘internal intuitive spiritual’ knowledge and which is clearly evident in the ominous declaration of the Prophetﷺ  that Dajjal, the False Messiah, sees with ‘one’ eye while “your Lord is not one eyed”. This one-eyed epistemology was embraced by modern western civilization and then transmitted to the rest of mankind through modern western education. Again it was Britain that led the epistemological attack.
  • The universal political Shirk (blasphemy) of the modern secular State which has also fulfilled the prophecy of the Prophetﷺ  who declared that Dajjal, the False Messiah, would target mankind to get them to worship him instead of Allah, Most High. Modern western civilization produced the modern secular State that declared that sovereignty resided with the State, that the authority of the State was supreme, and that the law of the State was the highest law. Allah could declare something to be Haram but the State could make it Halal, i.e., legalize it. This was clear Blasphemy but, amazingly, even Muslims have difficulty in understanding it and recognizing it. The entire world has now embraced the secular State and the secular United Nations Organization that leads the system. 
  • The scientific and technological revolution that has brought to the world air and space travel, telephones and other modern telecommunications, etc., has deceptively mixed that which is manifestly beneficial with that which is dangerously harmful. That unfinished revolution still “has strange and wondrous feats to be performed. That scientific and technological revolution is connected to Dajjal and this is discernible in Ahadith which declare, for example, that Dajjal would ride on an ass (donkey) which would travel as fast as the clouds and which would have its ears stretched out wide. This refers to the modern airplane and fighter aircraft.
  • Allah Most High created mankind and then announced to the angels that He was going to place on earth one who would function as His khalifah (i.e., would act on His behalf in a capacity subordinate to Him). The Islamic Khilafah State (Caliphate) did precisely that. It recognized Allah’ s Sovereignty and Supreme Authority, and recognized Allah’s Law as the highest Law. That was destroyed by western civilization  and it was replaced by the modern secular State founded on Shirk (blasphemy). The new secular State embraced Turkey at the very seat of the Khilafah . This was the work of Dajjal. 
  • The Riba (use of interest) that has embraced the economy around the world in fulfillment of the prophecy of the Prophetﷺ  who declared that the age of Dajjal, the False Messiah, would be the age of universal Riba. The Prophetﷺ  also prophesied that the day would come when you would not be able to find a single person in all of mankind who would not be consuming Riba, and that if any one were to claim that he was not consuming Riba, “verily the dust of Riba would be upon him.” That prophecy has now been fulfilled. Riba now controls the entire world economy.
  • The modern feminist revolution and its struggle for women’s liberation that has fulfilled the prophecy of the Prophetﷺ in which he spoke of women as ‘the last people who would come out to Dajjal, the False Messiah’ & follow him:

“The last (people) to come out to Dajjal will be women, so much so that a man would have to return to his mother, daughter, sister and aunt and tie them fast lest they should go out to him (Dajjal).”

“Most of those who follow him (Dajjal) will be Jews and women.”

  • The awesome deception of the modern age in which ‘appearance’ and ‘reality’ are so completely different from each other, the road to heaven having the appearance of the road to hell and vice versa is evidence that Dajjal is still at work! The Prophetﷺ  said that Dajjal would do precisely that!

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