Dreams in Islam 


“When you smile,You do not smile alone,

For the flowers in the fields are always smiling!

And when you sing,

You do not sing alone,

For the birds, and the river, and the rain, and the wind, also sing!

And when you laugh,

You do not laugh alone,

For are’nt the children always laughing?

But when you weep,

With a weeping beyond tears;

When the heart weeps,

It weeps alone”

“This poem that I wrote many moons ago!clearly depicts the heart as something that not only ‘sees’, and ‘feels’, and ‘knows’, but does so in a manner which is more profound than all our other experiences. Dreams belong to the heart. Tell me your dreams, and I will tell you who you are.”


In addressing the subject of dreams we are, in fact, studying the heart and, as a consequence we are probing into the very depths of human nature and conduct. Some dreams are divine gifts to the heart, and such gifts come only when the heart is sound, healthy, innocent, and penetrated with faith in Allah Most High. Other dreams represent attacks on the heart. And still other dreams are either medicine for the heart, or windows to the heart that allow us to see who we truly are.

The Qur’an informs us that Allah Most High punishes the disbelievers by sealing their ‘hearts’, and their ‘hearing’, and by placing veils before their ‘eyes’. (Qur’an, al-Baqara, 2:7). As a consequence such people cannot ‘see’!

We live, today, in a world in which the overwhelming majority of mankind, including some Muslims cannot ‘see’. The only time a believer can be certain that he can ‘see’ is when he sees in dreams! But most people no longer understand this.


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